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Solid Waste 3n1 - “3 Core Service in 1 Day for Our Customers!”

Solid Waste 3n1
3 Core Service in 1 Day for Our Customers!”


The Department of Public Works continues to improve on our service delivery. Effective August 1, 2011 we will begin citywide weekly collection service for household garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings per quadrant of the city.

3 n 1 service per quadrant of the City will allow for concentrated efforts in a given area,
reduced carbon emissions and reduced missed collections.

The new 3 n 1 service will also provide additional services such as
residential street sweeping, bulk waste pick-up and concentrated solid waste education and enforcement.
Customers will receive prior notice of scheduled street sweeping and bulk waste pick up dates.

Household garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings will continue to be collected
on the same day per quadrant of the city as follows:

Quadrant Boundaries:
Northeast - Monday

  • North: City Limits

  • East: City Limits

  • South: Decatur Street/Dekalb Avenue

  • West: Northside Drive

Southeast - Tuesday

  • North: Decatur Street/Dekalb Avenue

  • East: City Limits

  • South: City Limits

  • West: Metropolitan Parkway/City Limits

Southwest - Wednesday

  • North: I-20 West

  • East: Metropolitan Parkway

  • South: City Limits

  • West: City Limits

Northwest - Thursday

  • North: City Limits

  • East: Northside Drive

  • South: I-20 West

  • West: City Limits

Click here to print your 3 n 1 Reminder Notice!

Please review the attached “Frequently Asked Questions” for more details.
If you would like printed copies of the Solid Waste 3n1 Reminder Notice for your neighborhood group or need additional information, please contact the Customer Service Center at(404) 330-6333, or send an email to: publicworks@atlantaga.gov.

Valerie Bell-Smith
Public Relations Manager, Sr.
Department of Public Works
55 Trinity Avenue, SW, Ste 4700
Atlanta, GA 30303-0394
(404) 330-6215 - Office
(404) 420-6706 – Fax

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